Your Impact

Your Impact

Thanks to supporters like you, Fòs Feminista provides reproductive health care and services in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia.

You, and so many others like you, agree that every person is entitled to quality health care and a life free of violence and discrimination. Because of you, we have been able to reach women, girls, and young people and poor communities with free or subsidized sexual and reproductive health services in regions characterized by high rates of adolescent pregnancy and extreme income inequality.

Please consider creating a legacy that will provide women and girls with reproductive health care services for generations to come.

Providing Sexual and Reproductive Health Services

Your generous gifts make SRH services, including safe abortion, accessible for women and girls, even during the pandemic.

KMET, an organization located in Western Kenya has provided sexual and reproductive health services through its network of clinics to local communities since 1995. When the pandemic hit last year, Executive Director Monica Oguttu made the decision to adjust KMET’s outreach model to successfully meet the needs of women and girls during the crisis.

As a partner of Fòs Feminista, KMET is meeting some of the SRHR needs of women and girls and responding to their desire to practice self-care and their demand for bodily autonomy. Importantly, this community-based model is also more affordable for women and girls seeking abortion.

Advocating for Gender Equality and Reproductive Rights Locally and Globally

Raising the green wave to decriminalize abortion

We stand alongside our partners in the streets, in the courts, and in other advocacy spaces as an unapologetically feminist voice, resisting injustice and advocating for gender equality and reproductive rights locally and globally.

Group celebrating Colombian court ruling to decriminalize abortion

For example, your support of Fòs Feminista provides funding and support to groups across Latin America, ranging from leading abortion activists and national providers of sexual and reproductive health care, to community-based collectives and local safe abortion accompaniment networks. The diversity of these partnerships means that we are pursuing a variety of strategies, from community education to strategic litigation, ultimately creating a stronger movement to advance abortion access.

Engaging Young People with Sexuality Education

You help Fòs Feminista partners provide access to comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) to young people.

Access to sexuality education is essential for adolescents and young people to live their sexual lives with a sense of empowerment, responsibility, and joy.

Youth group participating in comprehensive sexuality education

CIES and other Fòs Feminista partner organizations support youth to youth comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) in schools and other educational spaces through trainings for teachers, development of school curricula, and peer education with young volunteers.

Student volunteers participating with  Tú Decidesa network that CIES founded in collaboration with other young people in Bolivia to promote sexual and reproductive rights and CSE to schools and communities. They use participatory methodologies that allow young people to learn through games, debates, and community activities. 

“Bringing CSE to schools allows adolescents to also reflect about their lives as a whole, to develop plans on what they want for their future and what tools do they need to get where they want to be,” said Adriana Mendoza, a young woman who participated in the Tú Decides Network and is now a member of the Board of Fòs Feminista. 

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