Sample Beneficiary Designation

If you previously included a gift to Fòs Feminista in your will or trust under our prior name, you may be wondering what action you need to take to ensure your plans are correct and up to date.

To ensure that we receive your gift as you intended, please include our tax ID number (13-1845455), which remained the same when our name changed.

If you do decide to update your plans, please use the following language.


To designate Fòs Feminista as a beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan or other financial account, please use the following information:

Useful Legal Information

Name:  Fòs Feminista
Address: 125 Maiden Lane, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10038
Federal Tax ID number: 13-1845455


For More Information

Before deciding about your estate plan, consult an estate planning attorney. To learn more about how your gift will be put to use, contact Carrie Wilson, Chief Development Officer Co-Lead, at 212.248.6400 or

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Carrie Wilson

Carrie Wilson

Chief Development Officer Co-Lead