Ways to Give

Ways to Give

You can change lives.

You can change the lives of women, girls and gender-diverse people and help them access the lifesaving sexual and reproductive health services and information they want, need, and deserve.

With your support, our programs and services give young people the opportunity to plan their futures and accomplish their dreams. Together, we will equip them with the tools of choice—and open doors for new possibilities.

The Impact of Your Giving

$1,200 could provide access to SRH services

including contraceptives and safe abortion for women and girls.

$12,000 brings essential comprehensive sexuality education (CSE)

to adolescents and young people so they can live their sexual lives with a sense of empowerment, responsibility, and joy.

$65,000 could expand sexual and reproductive health care

for a local partner with scaled up telehealth models, established home delivery of contraceptives, and counseling for survivors of gender-based violence.

*Please note that these examples are for illustration purposes only and actual gift amounts may differ.
Please contact our team to see the impact you can make possible.

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